Vinyls & Vinos Ep. #4 – Bowie & Merlot

Cheers everyone and welcome to the fourth episode of Vinyls & Vinos where I pair great music with great wine!


Bowie is a favorite of mine, specifically this Changesonebowie vinyl, and so is merlot – specifically this Robert Young one! Both have gone through historical “misunderstandings” or negative perception. With merlot coming back into its own again, I feel this is a great pairing to showcase this (re)rising star of a varietal with one of the biggest stars of all time.

This 2014 merlot is in no way “weak,” with cherry and dark chocolate notes, balanced acidity and a strong, long finish that is a true testament to a great merlot. If your in Wine Country I highly recommend paying a visit to their new Scion Tasting room. Scion has two special meanings to the winery: – A descendant of a notable family – A young shoot of a vine, used for grafting My pairings are based off my preference, so always feel free to comment what YOU would pair with either the wine or the record in my episodes.

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