Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Rosé from Mexico

I have a challenge for you all and, spoiler alert, it’s as easy as drinking wine. Cultures and traditions from Mexico, Spain, the Caribbean and Central/South America have heavily influenced us here in America so 9/15-10/15 is Hispanic Heritage Month to recognize those contributions. There’s so many ways to celebrate the cultural impact that hasContinue reading “Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Rosé from Mexico”

INTERVIEW: Meet Missouri Surf Club

For a wine AND music writer, I sure talk about wine a lot. To remedy the disparity between the balance of my wine and music content, I’m introducing a series where I feature interviews with artists. Much like the wineries I enjoy, I lean towards supporting artists that are up and coming and innovating inContinue reading “INTERVIEW: Meet Missouri Surf Club”

Big Little Lies Monterey Five Meets Five Monterey Wines

When I was rekindling my love for reading this past winter, Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty was top of the list. I hadn’t yet seen the show, but it was one I wanted to watch and reading the book first is my style. A few hours into reading on vacation I was hooked, aContinue reading “Big Little Lies Monterey Five Meets Five Monterey Wines”

Rare Brunello from Wine Access

Today I received an exciting shipment from Wine Access of 2 mystery boxes containing 6 reds (all European) and 6 whites (mostly European). Due to some inspiration from various Instagram followers that love to point out that I predominantly drink New World, I’ve been on a quest to expand my Old World repertoire and IContinue reading “Rare Brunello from Wine Access”

A Lion of a Winery: Leoness Cellars in Temecula

The first winery stop I made this past weekend was to Leoness Cellars. In terms of exterior and interior this was my favorite stop. Grab a taste at their bar, stop for some food in their restaurant, or hang out on the patio with panoramic views of Temecula vineyards and their cottage style property. AContinue reading “A Lion of a Winery: Leoness Cellars in Temecula”

Italian Varietals and Heritage Thrive at Robert Renzoni Winery in Temecula

One of my favorite stops in terms of entire portfolio in Temecula, and definitely one of the most unique is Robert Renzoni. The history of winemaking in the Renzoni family dates to 1886, in a Italian vineyard along the Adriatic Sea. When the family migrated to America, they began winemaking here but were soon shutContinue reading “Italian Varietals and Heritage Thrive at Robert Renzoni Winery in Temecula”

Summer is Coming at Somerset Winery in Temecula

Summer is coming to town and recently Somerset Winery did too. New to Temecula, this winery is for those looking for a good time, even though it hasn’t been around a long time. The vibe exudes the same energy as much of the region: laid back, fun and approachable. The wine is just as vibrantContinue reading “Summer is Coming at Somerset Winery in Temecula”