VINPOP Organic Popcorn: Made with Real Wine

Today’s pairing? VINPOP popcorn and pop music! Made with real wine, these snacks come in five flavors: Rosé Pinot Noir Champagne Chardonnay Plain All ingredients are organic, vegan, gluten free, non-GMO and made with extra virgin avocado oil. These flavors are FUN, and most importantly so tasty. Wanna know what’s NOT fun though? Dietary restrictions.Continue reading “VINPOP Organic Popcorn: Made with Real Wine”

Miko Wine Glasses: Pure Lead Free Crystal

There was something in the air this week and it wasn’t just Valentine’s Day love. Something more sinister shifted in the air, seeping into my week like red wine into a carpet. Speaking of… Mountain Cuvée? More like Mountain BETRAY. I guess it’s true: only the good die young. While there’s no use crying overContinue reading “Miko Wine Glasses: Pure Lead Free Crystal”

Vinyls & Vinos YouTube Channel Launch

In an effort that has been a few month’s in the making, I am happy to share that I have finally launched my Youtube channel! Over the course of the next few months I am excited to share more video content with you all. Some videos you can expect to see are: Vinyl record andContinue reading “Vinyls & Vinos YouTube Channel Launch”

Shop Small: Cork Jewelry Made in Wine Country

I’m always a huge advocate of buying from small businesses and shopping local. So when I find a great shop, I have to share. Sonoma Wine Life Shop, an online store featuring cork jewelry, is stocked full of handmade earrings once a month for one week. The shop is run by Sheila Jane of @sonomawinelifeContinue reading “Shop Small: Cork Jewelry Made in Wine Country”

Complete Holiday Planner 2018

Holidays are hard. Behind all the holiday cheer and festive fun is intense planning, shopping, and stressing. As someone who genuinely enjoys creating organization systems and optimizing workflows, I’ve created this printable (or if you’re mobile-centric, screenshottable) holiday planner full of gift guides, check lists and – of course – wine suggestions to help alleviateContinue reading “Complete Holiday Planner 2018”