Wine Access X Julien Fayard “Idiosyncrasy” Label Launch

Idiosyncrasy is a brand-new Wine Access exclusive label crafted by 99-point winemaker Julien Fayard. Hosted at Fayard’s newest tasting room in downtown Napa, The Green Room, Wine Access launched the label along with a tour of the space and a preview of all four Cabernet Sauvignons that comprise the Idiosyncrasy brand. Each of the fourContinue reading “Wine Access X Julien Fayard “Idiosyncrasy” Label Launch”

Vinyls & Vinos Ep. #1 – Lana Del Rey & Sauvignon Blanc

Cheers everyone and welcome to the very first episode of Vinyls & Vinos where I’ll be pairing great music with great wine! My pairings are based off my preference, so always feel free to comment what YOU would pair with either the wine or the record in my episodes. Make sure to like and subscribeContinue reading “Vinyls & Vinos Ep. #1 – Lana Del Rey & Sauvignon Blanc”

Winery Review: Chimney Rock Winery

📍NAPA, CA: Fog rolls across the sky surrounding Chimney Rock Winery, wrapping itself around the vines and through the hills encasing the property.Arriving just past 9 AM, the scene is still and serene. A calm before the storm, but in this case the storm is just as anticipated and appreciated as the alternative silence. AtContinue reading “Winery Review: Chimney Rock Winery”

Vinyls & Vinos YouTube Channel Launch

In an effort that has been a few month’s in the making, I am happy to share that I have finally launched my Youtube channel! Over the course of the next few months I am excited to share more video content with you all. Some videos you can expect to see are: Vinyl record andContinue reading “Vinyls & Vinos YouTube Channel Launch”

From Indifferent to In Love: My Wine Journey

A few years back I bought a Groupon for a wine tasting experience in Monterey. A Taste of Monterey boasts beautiful ocean views, a bistro and a bevy of Monterey Wine Country wine selections. While I wasn’t even remotely into wine at the time, I was – and always will be – in love withContinue reading “From Indifferent to In Love: My Wine Journey”

10 Free Wine Country Tastings for the Budget Conscience Wine Lover

If you’ve visited or are planning on visiting Wine Country, you may have noticed the steep price tag associated with basking in the Northern California sun and sipping on the literal fruits of the ubiquitous wineries labor. A few wine tastings, bottles and wine clubs in to your trip and your bank account will beContinue reading “10 Free Wine Country Tastings for the Budget Conscience Wine Lover”