Vinyls & Vinos Ep. #7 – Father John Misty & Six Spring Rosé

Cheers everyone and welcome to the seventh episode of Vinyls & Vinos where I pair great music with great wine! My pairings are based off my preference, so always feel free to comment what YOU would pair with either the wine or the record in my episodes. Make sure to like and subscribe on YouTubeContinue reading “Vinyls & Vinos Ep. #7 – Father John Misty & Six Spring Rosé”

My Favorite Cozy Fall Home Decor

Fall is my absolute favorite season. Maybe it’s my October birthday. Maybe it’s the leaves changing. Maybe it’s the abundance of pumpkin flavored drinks and scented candles. Maybe it’s all of the above. Actually, it’s definitely all of the above.  One of my favorite parts of any season is decorating my home to reflect the seasonalContinue reading “My Favorite Cozy Fall Home Decor”