“On Vinyl Only” Love Songs Playlist

Whether you’re in love with your significant other or in love with your vinyl and vino collection, there’s nothing quite like the sounds of sweet love songs. Originally, I planned on creating a playlist of all my favorite love songs, on vinyl and not, but as I rifled through my collection for ones to playContinue reading ““On Vinyl Only” Love Songs Playlist”

Complete Holiday Planner 2018

Holidays are hard. Behind all the holiday cheer and festive fun is intense planning, shopping, and stressing. As someone who genuinely enjoys creating organization systems and optimizing workflows, I’ve created this printable (or if you’re mobile-centric, screenshottable) holiday planner full of gift guides, check lists and – of course – wine suggestions to help alleviateContinue reading “Complete Holiday Planner 2018”

From Indifferent to In Love: My Wine Journey

A few years back I bought a Groupon for a wine tasting experience in Monterey. A Taste of Monterey boasts beautiful ocean views, a bistro and a bevy of Monterey Wine Country wine selections. While I wasn’t even remotely into wine at the time, I was – and always will be – in love withContinue reading “From Indifferent to In Love: My Wine Journey”

My Favorite Cozy Fall Home Decor

Fall is my absolute favorite season. Maybe it’s my October birthday. Maybe it’s the leaves changing. Maybe it’s the abundance of pumpkin flavored drinks and scented candles. Maybe it’s all of the above. Actually, it’s definitely all of the above.  One of my favorite parts of any season is decorating my home to reflect the seasonalContinue reading “My Favorite Cozy Fall Home Decor”

Lykke Li Concert at Gundlach Bundschu Winery

I’ve been an avid Lykke Li listener since the first time I heard “Love Out Of Lust.” Serendipitously enough, when I signed up for Gundlach Bundschu Winery’s wine club – Bacchus Club – I checked their list of upcoming events to use the free concert tickets benefit that’s included in membership and saw Lykke Li would beContinue reading “Lykke Li Concert at Gundlach Bundschu Winery”

10 Free Wine Country Tastings for the Budget Conscience Wine Lover

If you’ve visited or are planning on visiting Wine Country, you may have noticed the steep price tag associated with basking in the Northern California sun and sipping on the literal fruits of the ubiquitous wineries labor. A few wine tastings, bottles and wine clubs in to your trip and your bank account will beContinue reading “10 Free Wine Country Tastings for the Budget Conscience Wine Lover”