Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Rosé from Mexico

I have a challenge for you all and, spoiler alert, it’s as easy as drinking wine.

Cultures and traditions from Mexico, Spain, the Caribbean and Central/South America have heavily influenced us here in America so 9/15-10/15 is Hispanic Heritage Month to recognize those contributions. There’s so many ways to celebrate the cultural impact that has been made, but one major way is to intentionally drink wine from these regions/producers/winemakers. Whether it’s cava from Spain or rosé from Mexico, go out of your way to explore a little more and support diversity in winemaking all year round.

Tresomm Rosé Notes: “produced entirely from Grignolino, with zesty acidity and flavors of strawberry, red currant, and citrus giving way to a lingering, lip-puckering finish.”

Note: I featured this same Tresomm bottle in a video Elle from @TheModernPour on Instagram and I did awhile back, pairing it with Selena’s music and discussing why it’s important to drink diversely.

Cheers to Hispanic Heritage Month and remember: do NOT sleep on wines from Mexico!

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