Two Wente Wines for Summer

This past weekend I had the pleasure of revisiting Wente Estate Winery for a Tom Petty Tribute Band concert, Petty Theft. Two of the wines I drank are two of my favorites for summer, and I wanted to share with everyone looking for light and bright wines this season!

Both are best paired with seafood, fruit dishes, salads, and dancing barefoot on the lawn of their winery, singing along to Tom Petty.

Niki’s Rosé & Eric’s Chardonnay are a great expression of their categories. They are names after the younger generations of the family.

(Pinot Noir) Rosé: rich red fruit and citrus notes, with an electrifyingly acidic finish.

Chardonnay: Apple and pear orchard notes with all the brightness that it’s stainless steel production expresses: this one is for those of you who don’t like buttery/oakey chard.

Which sounds best to you?

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