A Lion of a Winery: Leoness Cellars in Temecula

The first winery stop I made this past weekend was to Leoness Cellars.

In terms of exterior and interior this was my favorite stop. Grab a taste at their bar, stop for some food in their restaurant, or hang out on the patio with panoramic views of Temecula vineyards and their cottage style property.

A couple of my favorite wines from my stop here:

2017 Mélange de Blanc with stone fruit, grapefruit and tea leave notes.

2015 Meritage

66% Merlot and 100% a wine I could drink every night with absolutely anything

2016 CS Zinfandel

Heavy on the sweet black fruit, balanced by clove and black licorice notes. I actually preferred this Zin to their higher end one.

Pair the experience of visiting their property with my Island in the Sun Playlist on Spotify.

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