Vinyls & Vinos Ep. #5 – Blink 182 & Clif Family Wine

Cheers everyone and welcome to the fifth episode of Vinyls & Vinos where I pair great music with great wine!


What pairs better with California wine, than a quintessential California band? This video is essentially split into two parts: The first half I’m sharing these two wines and two food items I received in my Spring shipment from Clif Family Winery. The second, starting at 6:42, is where I dive into why I paired both of these wines with this one Blink 182 vinyl!

My pairings are based off my preference, so always feel free to comment what YOU would pair with either the wine or the record in my episodes. Make sure to like and subscribe over on YouTube and follow along with me over on Instagram for more vinyl and wine content throughout the month.

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* I received this shipment complimentary from Clif Family, but it was my choice to share these with you all!

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