VINPOP Organic Popcorn: Made with Real Wine

Today’s pairing? VINPOP popcorn and pop music!

Made with real wine, these snacks come in five flavors:

  • Rosé
  • Pinot Noir
  • Champagne
  • Chardonnay
  • Plain

All ingredients are organic, vegan, gluten free, non-GMO and made with extra virgin avocado oil.

These flavors are FUN, and most importantly so tasty.

Wanna know what’s NOT fun though? Dietary restrictions. In the past year I was diagnosed as celiac. Cutting out gluten and 90% of my favorite foods and snacks was a big kick in the “gut” (pun intended 😉)

Because popcorn is traditionally gluten free it became my go to. Unfortunately, many flavor additives also add in gluten.

Enter VinPop, these wine flavor infused snacks with ALL the flavor and NONE of the gluten. Gluten free popcorn flavored with wine? Safe to say I’m in love.

Vinyl/Music & Wine Pairing

I’ve paired them with Ellie Goulding, not just because popcorn and pop are an obvious combo, but because the fun vibe of her music matches the fun of this speciality popcorn! This Halcyon album features upbeat songs like Lights, Anything Could Happen and I Need Your Love ft. Calvin Harris, that perfectly fit the flavors.

I’m also pairing these with rosé and/or Pinot Noir! I’ve featured Sophie James Wine in these photos, but your favorite pick will suffice!

And The Winner Is…

As a huge Chardonnay fan, I expected it to be my favorite of the bunch, but my #1 choice ended up being…


Funny enough, I used to avoid Pinot Noir at all costs until the end of last year. I had already declared this year the #YearOfThePinot for me and it looks to be going strong with this one coming in as my favorite. My boyfriend agreed with me on this one being the best, after trying them all with me.

Runner Up

A surprising runner up for me was actually the Plain! With all the exciting flavors, this one ended up as the last one I tried but it placed high for me, with the avocado oil and melt in your mouth subtle flavor shining through.

No Losers Here

There’s truly not a losing flavor here, I enjoyed them all! If you’re looking for something sweeter, go with the Pinot Noir or Champagne. Something in the middle? Chardonnay or Rosé. Something straightforward? Plain!

You can purchase/locate VINPOP on their website.

Disclaimer: As vinyl junkies can be just as snobbish as some wine lovers, I’d like to point out that no vinyls were harmed in this process. 😉

Additionally, I received these products complimentary from VinPop Snacks in exchange for sharing them in a post on Instagram.

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