Wine Access X Julien Fayard “Idiosyncrasy” Label Launch

Idiosyncrasy is a brand-new Wine Access exclusive label crafted by 99-point winemaker Julien Fayard.
Hosted at Fayard’s newest tasting room in downtown Napa, The Green Room, Wine Access launched the label along with a tour of the space and a preview of all four Cabernet Sauvignons that comprise the Idiosyncrasy brand.
Each of the four wines are an exquisite representation of Fayard’s terroir driven winemaking as well as a prime representation of
California Cabernet Sauvignon at its finest, while simultaneously affordable.

Go to and a discount of $50 off $150+ purchase will be automatically applied at checkout!

Check out my video of the event, as well as remarks from the Wine Access CEO, Head of Wine, and Fayard:

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