Winery Review: Chimney Rock Winery

📍NAPA, CA: Fog rolls across the sky surrounding Chimney Rock Winery, wrapping itself around the vines and through the hills encasing the property.Arriving just past 9 AM, the scene is still and serene. A calm before the storm, but in this case the storm is just as anticipated and appreciated as the alternative silence.

At 10 AM, a stark contrast to the previous scene ensues, with nearly thirty food, wine and travel bloggers descending on Chimney Rock Winery like bolts of lighting, igniting the property with their individual personalities.

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Hosted by Cas from By The Stem, the event at Chimney Rock Winery featured a tour and wine/cheese pairing for the group. Check out my video of the event here.

Starting the tour in the production area, we were poured their 2017 Rosé of Cabernet Franc. Vibrant in color and intensely aromatic, Chimney Rock devotes a prime section of their Cabernet Franc vineyards exclusively to this rosé. Despite the light rain outside, it felt like sipping on a sweet glass of summer. Rosé by 11 AM is a great way to start any Saturday, but so is delving deeper into wine production details. Drinks in hand and moving into the barrel room, we learned more about the wineries commitment to quality and the meticulous care they put into developing their line of wines. With a group of all different degrees of wine knowledge, from enthusiasts to industry professionals, there was interesting information for all levels of the party.

We strive to allow the unique and magnificent Stags Leap District soil and fruit to show themselves in their best light.” – John Terlato

Finishing out the tour portion, we headed into their larger event room, with barrels lining the walls, chandeliers adorning the ceiling, and a set table in the center. Beautifully decorated and large enough to accomadate groups, this is a fantastic spot to host an event.

Eager to jump right in, we moved straight into the rest of the winemaker’s selections including:

2016 Chimney Rock Elevage Blanc

2015 Chimney Rock Elevage

2012 Chimney Rock Cabernet Sauvignon

2015 Chimney Rock “Tomahawk” Cabernet Sauvignon

To spare you exhaustive details, I’ve attached links as well as an image detailing the wines.

Ever the fan of big, bold reds my personal favorite was the 2015 Tomahawk Cab Sav, a true testament to the spirit and quality of Chimney Rock wines. This special wine is an estate grown, 100% Cabernet Sauvignon that is great today and will only get better with age.

Whether you live in the area or are traveling to Wine Country for vacation, consider adding this beautiful winery to your itinerary for great views and even better wine.

Check out my video of the event here.

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