Miko Wine Glasses: Pure Lead Free Crystal

There was something in the air this week and it wasn’t just Valentine’s Day love.

Something more sinister shifted in the air, seeping into my week like red wine into a carpet. Speaking of…


Mountain Cuvée? More like Mountain BETRAY. I guess it’s true: only the good die young.

While there’s no use crying over spilt milk, wine is another story. To make matters worse, I ended up breaking a glass that night too. AND another the next night. Needless to say, it was a bad week to be glass in my home. I could practically see the survivors shaking at their stems, scared they might be shattered next.

Enter these wine glasses, a thoughtful and timely gift from my boyfriend. Turns out his procrastinating on gift buying pairs best with Amazon Prime two day shipping!

Not a wine connoisseur (or even fan, at that) he did a excellent job in selecting this set of six lead free, crystal wine glasses from Miko that are ideal for both red and white wines. While I can attest to the suitability of both, those California cabernet sauvignons thrive in this glass. Elegant and affordable, these wine glasses are perfect for the wine lover looking to replace broken glasses without breaking the bank at $55 for the set ($9 a glass.)

“The wide shape of the glasses allow you to swish and swirl your wine with ease.”

Most importantly (at least to me) is their quality assurance promise.

“At Miko we believe that if our products can’t even last a year, we shouldn’t sell them.
All Miko products are backed by our full 1-Year warranty. We pledge to be there to support you even after the warranty period is up.”

That’s a promise I can get behind.

So rest in pieces to the bottles and glasses lost this week but welcome to my new set of wine glasses! 

*NOTE: As an Amazon Prime Affiliate, I will earn a commission if you make a purchase through any of the links in this post. I only share products through Amazon that I have tried and can attest to the quality of. 

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