Shop Small: Cork Jewelry Made in Wine Country

I’m always a huge advocate of buying from small businesses and shopping local. So when I find a great shop, I have to share.

Sonoma Wine Life Shop, an online store featuring cork jewelry, is stocked full of handmade earrings once a month for one week. The shop is run by Sheila Jane of @sonomawinelife on Instagram. Having met her in person, I was impressed not only with her bubbly demeanor that shines through in her designs, but the authenticity in her passion for what she does and where she lives.

Sonoma Wine Life Shop “Kelsey” Cork Earrings

With classics like her cheetah print oval earrings, or limited time magic ones like these black, gold and glitter ones I ordered for my very first pair, there is a style for everyone. Personally, I’m not a big fan of wearing jewelry, but the use of cork in the design lends itself to the lightness in wearing. I have three pairs of earrings total, so I was beyond happy to buy this pair of interchangeable earrings, where you can mix and match the three layers to achieve different looks.

One of my favorite features of her shop is that she emboldens women to embrace their inner wine goddess. She names the earrings after women in her life. For example, my first pair the “Kelsey” are named after her cousin:

“These earrings embody Kelsey.  She adapts and adjusts to life.  One moment she is in active workout clothes, the next minute a sleek black jumpsuit looking like she stepped out of a fashion magazine.  I think the Kelsey earring can be mixed and matched and worn in a variety of styles to fit Kelsey’s eclectic and magnetic personality.”

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This totally fits my own eclectic personality, so I knew I had to have them. I paired them in this image for my Instagram with vinyl records and a wine wine that is also from Sonoma!

If you head to the site and see they’re all sold out, don’t worry! She restocks and reopens every first week of the month. Keep an eye out on her shop’s Instagram to see sneak peaks of styles and stay up to date with all things Sonoma Wine Life Shop. Read more about how she got into making cork jewelry here.

Visit her shop today!

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