Winery Review: Pacific Star Winery

Born and raised in San Diego, my heart belongs to the sea and any chance I get to escape to the coast, even just for a weekend, is welcome. Especially when it involves wine. Living in the East Bay Area, I’m never too far away, but the opportunity to be right on the coast is much different than simply being close.

During my three day weekend, I stayed in Fort Bragg, CA, exploring the city and other areas of the Mendocino coast. While there were plenty of wineries along the way, there was one in the immediate area I was staying so it was a given that I’d be visiting.

Pacific Star Winery wasn’t entirely new to me. I had been to Fort Bragg one other time, but only had the chance to visit their tasting room downtown, (which is now closed) so this time I had the pleasure of visiting their winery in person and I’m so glad I did. With a breathtaking panoramic of the ocean, visitors have the opportunity to sit on the bluff while drinking wine, taking in the vast and incredible blue view. I wish we had brought a picnic, because this was the ultimate spot for one. They have plenty of seating, spaced out over their sprawling grounds. There’s no seat with a bad view here. So many wineries have beautiful estates, but this one has a view no man made one can rival.

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With just a vague remembrance of the wines I had before, I opted for the tasting to reintroduce myself to a range of their wines. $5 gets you six tastings, $10 gets you the same and a Pacific Star Winery branded glass! An incredible price point that most Wine Country options can’t – and don’t – compete with.

My favorite of the six I tried, was the Dad’s Daily Red a Carignane, Charbono, Petite Sirah with an affordable price tag coming in at $18 a bottle. The name is accurate, this is definitely a daily red type of wine. Another favorite was the Orange Muscat, a frisky off-dry wine with a clean, floral finish. 

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After the tasting, I grabbed a glass of the Dad’s Daily Red and headed out to the bluff to sip while I stared at the vast and seemingly endless blue sea, filled with content and filled with great wine.

For more information on Pacific Star Winery, visit there website here.

Follow me on Instagram and see my video of the view here.

“The imposing redwood and stone barn structure nestles into the cliff side, protected from crashing waves by a flat rock bench eroded over eons. The cellar is filled with French, Hungarian and American oak barrels and specialty equipment suited to handcrafted wine making. Highest quality grapes, open-top fermenters and a portable grape receiving system allow small lot premium winemaking with critical attention to detail. The unique location lets magical forces come into play; waves crash into sea caves under the cellar, naturally filtering wine from its sediment. Salt from sea air deposits on barrels accelerating osmosis while creating viscous and dense wines. A friendly and fun approach to wine tasting makes Paciifc Star an off-the-beaten path experience worth seeking out. Bring a picnic and a group of friends for a memorable day!” – Pacific Star Winery 

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