From Indifferent to In Love: My Wine Journey

A few years back I bought a Groupon for a wine tasting experience in Monterey. A Taste of Monterey boasts beautiful ocean views, a bistro and a bevy of Monterey Wine Country wine selections. While I wasn’t even remotely into wine at the time, I was – and always will be – in love with a good deal. The price couldn’t be beat, and more importantly to me at the time, neither could the views.

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This would ultimately be one of my first positive experiences with wine. Prior to that I only thought of wine in terms of “boxed,” “too expensive,” or “nice branding.” Too be fair, my love for a wine bottle with great branding still stands.
When I started to learn more, explore more and really come into my own palate and find things that suit my taste buds is when I began to appreciate the differences in the glass. I started from exclusively drinking sparkling and rosé. I went from only choosing sweet or fruity wines, to enjoying a full bodied, bold reds so dark the night would be jealous.
Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 11.23.40 AM.png
As my palate has expanded to appreciate the diversity of the unique tastes of wine, so has my appreciation for the process that goes into making it. Through the help of wino friends, helpful books like Wine Folly, winery/vineyard tours, and the rich micro-community of wine lovers on Instagram, I’m slowly but surely developing a deeper understanding of what makes wine good, and what makes wine great.
I am in no way a expert on wine. I’m just here finding what I like, learning what I don’t, trying everything along the way, sharing it all with fellow wine lovers and really learning to love everything about the industry.

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